by Mica Anthony on July 06, 2020

Black influencers you need to be following -

Black women are killing it right now. From fashion bloggers and brand owners, to stylists and makeup artists, their influence online and IRL is undeniable. Here at Amarachi, we celebrate creativity, originality, and self-expression. We love to see other black women succeeding from their passions. From the ones taking over the traditionally male streetwear industry, to those creating successful businesses, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite black influencers that we follow- and you should do.

Jennifer McKing

A true fashion innovator. Mixing her Congolese cultural heritage with London streetwear trends, Jennifer McKing is a bonafide model who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and express her opinion on matters such as racism, appropriation, and clout chasing. We’re in awe of how she manages to throw pieces together seamlessly and they just work. Every. Single. Time.

Sandra Lambeck

This Ghanaian-German babe can rock full glam and an oversized men’s fits like it’s nothing. Designer drip and streetwear galore, Sandra’s style is unmatched and her captions are so true, they actually hurt. Follow Sandra if you need a lesson in throwing shade in your next post.

One Gramme

We’re in love with how RaÏssa Touré - AKA @1grammedestyle seamlessly mixes multiple colours into her fits. She clearly has an eye for interiors and aesthetics, too, because her feed as a whole is beautiful. Mixing masculine street style with floaty feminine pieces, each post is unexpected and unique.

Aicha Faye

France coming through with the influencers and if we could describe Aicha in one phrase, it would be #melaninmagic. This real life black barbie’s late 90s/early 00s aesthetic mixes with coloured wigs with nostalgic fits and her makeup is always on point. We’re here for it.

Sweet Mutuals

When we say makeup is a form of art, this is what we’re talking about. Using her face as a canvas, Ali decorates her face with designer monograms, diamanté jewels, and butterflies to create some of the most delicate, creative and unique face looks we’ve ever seen before.

Kimberly Skinny

Kimberly is a fashion creative based in Paris, sneaker collector, and streetwear trend setter. When she’s not working on projects for Get Your Dose, you’ll find her flexing on the ‘Gram in an oversized pants and trench coat ensemble.

Sarah Jo Holder

Co-ords, hauls, and menswear as womenswear - check check check! Sarah Jo Holder is a fashion blogger and even has her own brand - Venus Virgo. Her consistent girly-meets streetwear vibe has seen her grow massively over the past couple of years. She’s active on Instagram and YouTube, where she serves looks for every occasion.

Maria Pazz

If you’re looking for someone who looks put together all of the time, then look no further. Fashion student Marii is busy bringing her glam luxe style to the streets of Spain - in between travelling around the world, that is. This Nigerian babe is clearly a lover of the finer things in life, you’ll never catch her without a designer handbag on her arm or a pair of sunglasses on her head. Marii is truly black girl #luxurygoals.

Vintage Doll Rissa

She says it herself in her bio: ‘Sporty meets 90’s Realness’. This London-based streetwear blogger is the founder of GDS - aka Girls Do Succeed - a streetwear brand and platform that celebrates sporty wavy girls. When she’s not designing her GDS collections, Clarissa Henry is busy styling photoshoots for big brands and delivering authentic realness in her blog. Oh, and did we mention that her sneaker collection is on point?!


Karice Leila is the founder of The K Label - the brand that’s been seen on Eva Apio, Kylie Jenner, Sandra Lambeck, and all our faves. Her brand takes a unique approach to womenswear, delivering us high quality, structured, edgy designs (that seem to have been copied by every Ali Express vendor). If you’re looking to support a black businesswoman who puts her all into pieces that ooze originality, look no further. 

And last but certainly not least........

Ama Designer

Sonnah Allie known as Ama Designer is the founder here at Amarachi. She's an all round creative with her hands in multiple pots. She creative directs, shoots, designs, manufactures, manages social media, manages the online store, packs orders and so much more! She's the face behind it all. Give her a follow for all of the behind the scenes.


Now you’ve seen our faves, let us know who yours are in the comments. We hope this leaves you feeling inspired to take life by the horns and try something new - we certainly are! Check out the online store and find the perfect accessory to help you elevate your own look and don’t forget to tag us in your photos!


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