by Mica Anthony on September 18, 2020

What’s the sneaker industry worth?

Sneakers, trainers, creps – whatever you call them – are big business. In 2020, the global sneaker market is valued at over $76 million and is projected to grow to over $97 million by 2024. It’s no surprise that as office dress codes relax and more of us become self-employed, more of us are turning to trainers as our preferred footwear – because who wants to suffer all day in a pair of smart shoes or heels when you could be walking on air – or a Yeezy Boost sole.

Why are releases so coveted and hyped?

But with the uptick in high profile, and downright unusual collaborations capturing the world’s attention, there have never been more people clamouring to get their hands on these extremely rare kicks. Gone are the days when you could simply browse the site and add a pair of Yeezys to your basket and don’t count your chickens when you’re entering raffles for a chance to get your hands on the latest Stussy x Nike Spiridon collab or the delectable Nike SB Dunk Low 'Ben & Jerry's. You’ve got to be on top of the sneaker release calendar weeks ahead of the drop, or you’ll risk losing out before the sneakers were even officially released.

With each drop a limited run, sneaker brands are intentionally creating a sense of scarcity – and thus, increased perceived value to the consumer. These brands also build hype by seeding an exclusive handful of influencers these sneakers for them to flaunt on the gram, often well before the official drop date, in the hopes of giving the drop more exposure and drawing more people towards the shoe. But with so many people thirsting for increasingly limited-run sneakers, only a few people (and bots) can succeed. 

The sneaker resale market has entered the chat…

How has sneaker reselling changed the game?

Sneaker reselling marketplaces like StockX, Stadium Goods, Goat, etc were created to help people get their hands on these coveted releases, without running the risk of buying fakes or damaged shoes - something that’s rife on eBay and other less rigorous marketplaces and websites. The secondary marketplace is projected to become a $6 billion industry by 2025, growing from its humble roots of helping out fellow sneakerheads, to a thriving and profitable job in itself for some. For example, the Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott was originally released in February 2020 for £115, but has been sold for £1,315 on StockX

Russ Bengston put it perfectly in his Twitter thread when he said that in order to cop a new release, “you either buy ON release day, which likely isn't gonna happen, or pay 1000 percent over ticket, which also probably ain't gonna happen. how many kids who want to get into sneakers just get discouraged by the whole shit right off the bat?”

SO… what’s your next best option when you want to stunt?  

General releases! General release sneakers are your average run-of-the-mill sneakers. No limited numbers. No eye-wateringly expensive marketing campaigns pushing them and more importantly, no disappointment. Simply add to your basket or if you’re really old school, buy in-store and voila! There are so many fire GRs and classic shoes that often get overshadowed by the shinier luxury trainers we see all over the ‘Gram. A fresh pair of Nike Air Force 1s or adidas Stan Smiths will do the trick because they’re super easy to style and will *never* go out of fashion.

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